Intricate Soumak Area Rug in Soft Neutral Tones; Beige, Green and Red

By DEN Los Angeles

$ 4,000.00
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A grid-like, rational design for a soumak area rug in pleasing neutral tones. The soumak brocading technique leaves the wool threads to hang loose on the underside of the rug, which adds to their warmth and structural stability. Soumak rugs are rarer and more durable than their kilim cousins. This example is very generously proportioned for a large room, with an elaborate border of diamonds, and a design rendered in dark red, celadon green, beige, and cream. One end has a finished edge in bright red; the opposite end terminates in a fringe of the same color.

Condition: Excellent vintage condition; professionally cleaned. 

Dimensions: 180” long x 112” wide (15’ x 9’4”)

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