Set of Six Early Model Bronze Patio Dining Chairs by Walter Lamb

By Brown Jordan

$ 14,000.00
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A set of six dining chairs by Walter Lamb dating from the late 40s or early 50s, either predating, or from the early years of his work with Brown Jordan.  The chairs have a frame in tubular bronze with the verdigris patina characteristic to his work.  The chair sits on two runners, with a perpendicular cross-support connecting them at the center.  The backrest is slightly curved and angled, and the seat and back are formed by woven sail cord, a braided cotton with a nylon core to prevent stretching.  

Condition: Good vintage condition.  The chairs have been professionally cleaned and the bronze has a blue-green verdigris patina.  The rope seat and back rests have been replaced according to the original design.  

Dimensions: The armchair is 21.5” wide by 20” deep and 33” tall, with an arm height of 25.5”. The side chair is 19” wide by 20” deep and 33” tall. Both models have a seat height of 18”.

All Walter Lamb patio furniture at DEN has been restored with the utmost attention to the designer’s original specifications. We rope all seating with a polished cotton sail cord that closely approximates what would have been offered by Brown Jordan when the line was originally retailed. While the cord will retain its shape and strength in most US climate zones, please expect to see some changes in color and texture over time due to weathering and natural accumulation of particulate matter. To maintain showroom condition, we advise covering your furniture when not in use, and especially during extreme conditions. Seating can be re-roped in a synthetic cord more resistant to discoloration; we strongly recommend this option for humid climates. 

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