Single Wide Lounge Chair by Walter Lamb for Brown Jordan

By Brown Jordan

$ 4,500.00
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A wide patio lounge chair by Walter Lamb for Brown Jordan. The chair has a simple construction in tubular bronze with a patinated finish, with rounded squares serving as runners on each side. The backrest, and seat are both woven in cotton sail cord. We have 7 chairs available, each with varying shades of patina. The listed price is per single chair. Please visit our patio collection or inquire through our website for a full list of available Walter Lamb product.

Condition: Excellent vintage condition; bronze has been cleaned and carries an age-appropriate patina; frame has been re-strung with rope suitable for outdoor use.

Dimensions: 25.5" width x 28" depth x 30.5" height; seat height is 17.75"-14" and arm height 23.5"-21.25"

All Walter Lamb patio furniture at DEN has been restored with the utmost attention to the designer’s original specifications. We rope all seating with a polished cotton sail cord that closely approximates what would have been offered by Brown Jordan when the line was originally retailed. While the cord will retain its shape and strength in most US climate zones, please expect to see some changes in color and texture over time due to weathering and natural accumulation of particulate matter. To maintain showroom condition, we advise covering your furniture when not in use, and especially during extreme conditions. Seating can be re-roped in a synthetic cord more resistant to discoloration; we strongly recommend this option for humid climates. 

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