0-Series Stoneware Lamp by Bob Kinzie for Affiliated Craftsmen

By Affiliated Craftsmen

$ 1,200.00
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A large table lamp with a textured stoneware base by California ceramicist Bob Kinzie for Affiliated Craftsmen, the studio he founded in the 1970s. Kinzie’s work is distinguished by his ability to apply texture while his pieces were still on the wheel, applying a liquid slip over a finished body which was then strategically nicked to produce the ladder-like texture seen here. The O-Series lamps are slightly pear-shaped, with a glazed off-white band where the vessel narrows at the neck. 

Condition: Excellent vintage condition with original brass hardware and new-made linen lampshade and brass finial. 

Dimensions: 15.25” diameter x 27” height including shade

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