Adjustable Three-Height Coffee or Dining Table by Edward Wormley for Dunbar

By Dunbar

$ 5,500.00
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Edward Wormley’s design for an adjustable coffee or dining table, the Dunbar Model 5239, has an arcing X-shaped base and a tongue-and-groove walnut tabletop with a slight lip at either end. The table is adjustable with nine possible height variations, controlled by moving the table base on each side between three brass notches. The lowest extension is a European style coffee table height, with stops in the middle for tea or card tables, and reaching dining height at 28” with both sides on the innermost notch. Retains the Dunbar green label underneath tabletop. Base can be completely removed and folded up for ease of storage. 

Condition: Excellent restored condition; professionally refinished. 

Dimensions: The table top is 38.75” long by 30” wide. The table height has nine possible height settings for a highly customizable piece. The lowest position is 20.5” tall and the highest is dining height at 28”.

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