Pair of “Madame Pompadour” Enameled Bronze Tables by Philip and Kelvin LaVerne

By PK LaVerne

$ 7,000.00
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A pair of highly collectible bronze side tables from the “Madame Pompadour” line by Philip and Kelvin LaVerne. Using an involved process perfected through painstaking library research over a six year span, the Kelvins, a father and son duo, began producing the decorative bronze furniture for which they would become known around the mid-1950s. Though their historical style and somewhat mythologized technique (a special soil from Asia was imported in which pieces were buried to patinate) was at odds with the modernist dogma of the day, the Kelvins’ business exploded in popularity; their waiting list often ran years deep. These tables are a modernized take on Louis XV rococo furniture (Madame de Pompadour, for whom the line is named was King Louis XV’s mistress), with an asymmetric tabletop, bowed legs, and leaflike appliqués at each corner recalling the period’s attraction to ornamental elements inspired by the curves of nature. The etching on the tabletop depicts a garden scene with birds, gardening accoutrements, and branches surrounding a central jardinière overflowing with flowers. One of the tables retains a large paper label with artists’ names and care instructions; both tables have an etched signature reading “PK LaVerne” integrated into the design on the tabletop. 

Condition: Excellent original condition; some small markings can be observed, appropriate to age and use. 

Dimensions: 22.5” width x 14.25” depth x 17” height

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