Sling Collection Round “Mesa Redonda” Dining Table by Don Shoemaker for Señal

By Senal S.A.

$ 6,000.00
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An F-12 dining table from Don Shoemaker’s Sling Collection, this round table makes an intriguing statement from any angle. The tabletop is supported by a deeply recessed cluster of four sculpted legs in cocobolo, a Mexican rosewood variety, with four feet forming an X-base in matching wood. The round table surface has marquetry inlaid in a repeating herringbone motif; the highly figured grain lace with lighter areas of sapwood making the geometric pattern seem playfully organic. Retains a label from Señal, Shoemaker’s workshop, underneath the tabletop.

Condition: Excellent restored condition; tabletop and legs have been professionally refinished and oiled. Small chips to paint can be observed on edges of table.

Dimensions: 39.25” diameter x 28.5” height

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