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Continuing our series of collaborative take-overs, we partnered with interior design and architecture duo Garrett Hunter and Michael Landrum to fill Richard Neutra’s modernist masterpiece, the Lovell Health House, with their favorite DEN pieces. “Garrett and Michael were able to select pieces from our inventory that showed the Lovell house in a new way while conveying their appreciation for the iconic space,” said DEN’s Jason Potter.

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The Lovell Health House is an architectural marvel nestled into the hillside of Los Feliz with panoramic views of Los Angeles. The home was built between 1927-1929 by Richard Neutra for physician Philip Lovell and his family. The home is a study in International Style, with industrial interior details that serve in stark contrast to the wooded surroundings. “I used to draw this house when I was a kid and toured it with my parents as a student,” Hunter said, “I've always had a sense of awe for the inventive concepts pushed in Lovell Health House, down to the Ford headlight made into wall sconces. Neutra's material and fitting quirks are quite charming.”

“Respecting one of the most important houses in the world whilst showing how an individual can live comfortably and still be a collector without taking away from the architecture,” was Hunter’s objective for the project. Jason recognizes this as a fun aspect of DEN’s continued collaborations, “I’ve always been interested to see the creative process in regard to putting a beautiful space together. Also, I think designers love the idea of not having the normal constraint of pleasing a client. Something they can have creative freedom on. The only real challenge is having to use just our inventory. Luckily, Garrett and Michael pulled a few items from their Tienda X inventory to pull the look together.”

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The Lovell Health House’s minimal detailing and streamlined aesthetic was an ideal blank slate that Hunter and Landrum were excited to work with. They set out to create an environment that was an organic response to the high function of the space with a sense of casual California Bohemia, but in a manner in which an actual family could live with and feel good. The result is a stunning display of a thoughtfully curated space. “I thoroughly appreciate DEN's lack of pretense in design,” Hunter said, “paired with thoughtful attention to combining big-name design with uncommon/unidentifiable pieces.” Landrum most enjoyed the shared enthusiasm for being able to interact directly with an expression of design genius.

shop the collection here

We are very excited about how the shared visions of DEN and Garrett Hunter and Michael Landrum manifested and are thrilled with how the project turned out.

Be on the lookout for more collaborations soon!

Photography by Zachary Gray
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