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  • What does restored mean?

    Restored refers to the work done on a piece of vintage furniture to ensure optimal performance and appearance, meaning that each element has been examined for integrity, and repaired or replaced as necessary.  

    Every piece of furniture is unique and as such will require a customized approach to restoration.  Below are the basic processes we go through, but expect that the care will be individually tailored to ensure the highest standard of quality possible.  If you would like more information on the restoration story of a particular item in our inventory, please don’t hesitate to ask.  

    Wood is either cleaned and polished, or refinished.  During cleaning, the structure of the joinery is examined, with all hardware adjusted and glue applied so your furniture is stable and sturdy.

    Metal is cleaned, and then it is determined if a polished or patinated finish better serves the design.  Occasionally, a damaged clear coat will need to be stripped from the metal before polishing. Without this clear coat, most metals will darken naturally as time passes. 

    Upholstery either needs to be cleaned or redone.  If the design is best served by the original upholstery - especially in the case of leather - we have it professionally cleaned.  If replacement is called for, we hand pick a natural textile that will showcase the timelessness of the design.  We have new, medium-density foam cut for the the cushions and determine whether the support straps (if any) need to be replaced.  

    What does vintage mean?

    Vintage refers to both the condition and origin of our furniture.  Unless otherwise noted, our hand-selected inventory is comprised of original mid-century furniture, not contemporary re-editions or reproductions.  When we use the term vintage condition, we mean that the piece has been cleaned and examined for structural integrity, but all elements fully reflect its age and use.  Expect to see small cosmetic flaws and patina - all signs that the item has lived a long, full life.  

    What does refinished mean?

    Refinishing is a process used to restore wooden furniture.  We resort to refinishing in the presence of larger issues than can't be dealt with through cleaning and polishing -- deep scratches, water stains, veneer damage, or discoloring due to age. The piece will be stripped of its old finish, sanded, and repaired. The raw wood is then treated with a stain, lacquer, oil, or wax depending on which finish best suits the needs of the piece.  Refinished pieces generally present as new or almost new.  

    What does patina mean?

    Patina refers to the film or sheen that develops on organic materials over time due to their age and use.  Patina can refer to the wear on leather, darkening or oxidization on metal, or the dimension and contrast to wood grain that appears over the years.  We believe patina is a beautiful reflection of unique history and often choose to leave it intact during restoration.  However, if you have concerns about wear, we are happy to work with you to reupholster, polish, or refinish an item for a newer look.  

    What does ebonized mean?

    When we have a piece ebonized it refers to a specific, dark stain applied during refinishing. The stain sinks into the wood’s surface, allowing the piece to appear black, but still showcase the dimension and figuring of the grain.  If a piece has been ebonized, it has been refinished.  

    Is this made of solid wood or veneer?

    This question presents something of a false dichotomy since the common fear is that veneer indicates lower quality.  In fact, this was the prevailing method of craftsmanship for mid century furniture, wherein a frame of solid hardwood was constructed, and then covered with a veneer (a thin layer of genuine wood) through a technique called bookmatching, that allows for the beautiful display of wood grain you see on these pieces.  The use of solid wood is an equally viable choice - from both a design and durability standpoint - just a different one.  Since veneer over hardwood is more common, unless otherwise noted the items for sale on our site employ this technique.  

    Do you ship internationally?

    Yes, we happily ship worldwide.  Please email us at den@shopden-la.com with the full delivery address and we will provide a shipping quote.  Rates and shipment time will vary based on the size and weight of the item, and the part of the world in which you are located.  Please allow two business days for your quote to be processed.  Due to stringent regulations on the export of dalbergia woods, some pieces containing elements of rosewood, palisander, or jacaranda are unavailable for international shipment. 

    How will my items be shipped?

    Smaller items will be shipped via FedEx or UPS and packed to ensure they arrive to you exactly as they appear on our website.  You will be updated with tracking information as soon as it is available.  Larger items are shipped nationally via truck freight or white glove service and internationally via sea or air freight.  Costs are determined by shipping weight (a calculation based on the dimensions and poundage of each item), fragility (since breakable materials like glass, marble, and ceramics require special packaging and handling), and distance to and accessibility of destination.  

    How long will shipping take?

    Please expect longer shipping times for furniture than most other items you buy online.  We do our best to respond within 24 hours to your quote requests or shipment inquiries.  From time of booking it can take up to two weeks for the freight company to process your shipment, arrange delivery logistics, and pick up from our showroom.  Most national shipments have a lead time of roughly three to five weeks.  International shipments can take anywhere from five to eight weeks for delivery.  

    What is your return policy?

    Owning a piece of design history is a big investment and we want it to be a positive one.  We accept returns within two weeks of purchase (or delivery for shipped items) in exchange for store credit less a 20% restocking fee. The customer is responsible for all return shipping costs. Returns on items damaged while in the customer's care will not be accepted. 

    What if my item arrives damaged?

    Getting your new furniture to you in the listed condition is of utmost importance to us.  Each piece will be packaged, blanket-wrapped or crated to ensure it arrives intact, no matter the shipping method.  In the unlikely event of damage or destruction during shipment, your furniture is insured for the full purchase price.  Please contact us within two weeks of purchase or delivery to arrange for repairs or to file a claim.  

    Do you have parking available?

    Our location does not have a parking lot, but ample street parking can be found on any of the surrounding side streets. For deliveries, pickups, and quick trips, short-term parking is available just west of our storefront on the eastbound side of Fountain Avenue. 

    What types of payment do you accept?

    Our website, powered by Shopify accepts the following credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.  If you are an interior designer interested in paying via wire transfer, Pay Pal or business check, please contact us via email at den@shopden-la.com to arrange the transaction.  

    Do you offer studio rentals?

    Yes, we offer rental services at 25% of retail price per seven-day period.  Renter is responsible for arranging pickup and delivery.  Within the Los Angeles area we can deliver for an additional fee.  Please email us at den@shopden-la.com to request a rental agreement or further information.   

    What if I need to see an item in my space to decide if it will work for me?

    We offer memo services within the Los Angeles area.  Our standard memo period is three days, with a security deposit on file for the full retail value of the item, refundable upon its return.  Please email us at den@shopden-la.com to request a memo agreement or further information. Delivery fees apply. 

    Are your prices negotiable?

    We are open to all reasonable offers.  Please provide a starting number and we will work with you from there.  

    Do you offer refinishing/reupholstering services?

    We accept restoration projects outside of our own inventory on a case-by-case basis. If you have an item in need of work, please send photos and a brief summary of what you would like done to den@shopden-la.com. We will get back to you with or quote or refer you a trusted partner. We gladly assist with repairs on items purchased from our showroom. If you are interested in purchasing one of our pieces but would like changes to be made to the finish or upholstery, we are happy to work with you to achieve the desired look. 

     I have some Walter Lamb furniture that needs to be repaired or re-roped. Can you help?

    Yes! Please visit our Walter Lamb repair page or contact us via email at den@shopden-la.com for a custom quote. 

    Would you like to buy my used furniture?

    We are happy to assess your vintage furniture to see if it would be a good fit for our inventory.  We focus primarily on Scandinavian, American, Italian, Latin American, and Japanese modern design from approximately 1950 to 1980.  If you believe you have something we’d like, please email us at den@shopden-la.com with detailed photographs and your asking price.  Selling inquiries without an asking price will not be considered.

    Can I use your photographs on my website or blog?

    Thanks for asking!  We own all our photography and are happy to work with like-minded writers, influencers, and content creators to have our images featured.  Please reach out to us at den@shopden-la.com for the images you are interested in and credit us by name (with link for online content).  

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