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What do lucite and quilts have in common? A wedding band quilt – a lovely pattern of interlocking rings often featuring distinctive scalloped edges – is cited as one of the major inspirations for this furniture collection, Charles Hollis Jones’ O Line, which debuted its first piece in the late 70s. The quilting style itself dates back centuries but was popularized during the Depression as the pattern lent itself easily to the use of small fabric scraps. That such humble beginnings could inspire a line boasting this level of unabashed opulence is a testament to CHJ’s interpretive vision.

This guy, the O Line Accessory Table is a masterclass in his innovative glamour, in which brass shacks up with chrome, and they invite lucite and glass over for a particularly boozy dinner party. Personally, I love this table for those same material juxtapositions: very of-the-moment mixed metals on the base, and glass and lucite respectively refracting and absorbing light as you move up the table. I also love the original product photography for this piece! Returning an object to its intended context visually reinforces the magically cyclical nature of trends – in this case the dusky image puts it directly in line with those same movements we’re seeing with contemporary design. At a moment when we are looking towards polished, moody energy in interiors it’s important (and fun) to acknowledge that same impulse in our past.




Lucite Dreams
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